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Impossible is Nothing

Length: 226 pages3 hours


Who might have need of this book?

Those poor in spirit.
The depressed
Anyone fighting an illness, or helping someone who is.
Mourning the loss of a loved one, money, home, or job.
Those in need of comfort for enumerable reasons.
Someone living in fear.
The persecuted.

The list goes on and on in this crazy world today. So many may feel they are in a place that is impossible to move on from—but with an open heart and mind to God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

This book will leave the reader with GOD HAVING CONTROL and being the FORKLIFT out of any and all difficulties if we will just LEAVE WHATEVER it is AT HIS FEET, LISTEN, LEARN, and FOLLOW HIS DIRECTION! The “following” part is the part that gets us humans into trouble! Satan is strong, but OUR GOD is EVER STRONGER!!! – Connie Fulmer Dixon

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