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Gay Lake House Tryst, The Collection

Length: 53 pages52 minutes


This is a collection of the four erotic stories in the "Gay Lake House Tryst" series:

"Gay Lake House Tryst 1":
Oliver is a handsome 20-year-old intern spending the summer at his boss's lake house. The boss's wife is away on a business trip, leaving Oliver alone with his boss, Rick. Oliver can think of nothing more fun to do than attempt to get Rick into bed with him.

"Gay Lake House Tryst 2":
College student Oliver is having an affair with his boss Rick. Rick's wife comes home from a trip early and almost catches them in the act. They have to be creative to find a way to be together without her knowing.

"Gay Lake House Tryst 3":
20-year-old Oliver has been sleeping with his boss, Rick, who believes Oliver broke up with his boyfriend, David. Then David walks in on them having sex. Rick and David figure if Oliver wants to have sex with two men, he should. At the same time.

"Gay Lake House Tryst 4":
Angry at his 20-year-old intern, Oliver, for lying about having a boyfriend, Rick is refusing to have sex with him. After an argument Oliver finally gets the sex he wants, but Rick is still angry and teases and shames him during it. Oliver loves it.

Length: 14,800 words.

This is the M/M version of an M/F story published under my other pen name, Belle Hart.

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