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Scoop Trendworthy

Length: 35 pages21 minutes


The Talcott Tribune ( is a below-average news aggregation website with one good writer and a bunch of anti-social misfits. That is, until Scoop Trendworthy, legendary news rewriter, appears from the shadows of the Internet. He's a trends expert, a master picture researcher, and, to his fellow writers, a savior.

His skills are tested when a machine learning software company produces a program that can write the way a human does, but faster and for less money. Fake news quickly becomes a death sport, and writers around the world lose their jobs. Can Scoop Trendworthy beat a machine? Are robotic reporters an inevitability? Will he get enough sunshine and vitamin D to prevent disease?

This short story gives a modern twist to the man vs. machine genre popular in American folk lore. John Henry. Paul Bunyan. Scoop Trendworthy.

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