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Boy Out in Africa and Lady Mandrax

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An introduction to my work, Boy Out In Africa is the true story of a gay teenager growing up in a turbilant Cape Town during the 1970s. Bouncing from one shag to another he learns about love, life and death and, in the process, is sucked into the fight for political freedom for South Africa's black people.
In South Africa's 1970's gay underground there was no racial segregation and people of all colours danced in the illegal clubs or shabeens; where the politics were left outside, if only for a few hours all night. A young Londoner could easily find himself on the wrong side of the law in such curcumstances and I often did. Although this story has sexual content it explains how young people can easily place themselves in danagerous situations, but by doing so, gain an true understanding of political supression.
This true story is combined here with the totally fictional Lady Mandrax, the story of a woman's life in a L.A brothel during the 1960s, a dark love story and a retelling of the classic love triangle. Adult Content, with explicit drug, sex and voilence.

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