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Mandy And The Missing: Ascent Of The Absent.

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"Mandy And The Missing: Ascent Of The Absent" (by L.R. Buxton) is the first in a series of novels, where psychological thriller meets fantasy (with a touch of the paranormal).

The story is about a teen (half-Scottish, half-English) moving away from her Mum for the first time, to go to college. When she arrives on the South Coast of England her whole world threatens to be turned upside-down as she finds that a local laboratory have perfected the art of turning people invisible - and the secret now threatens to affect everyone in the community.

The story was inspired by my own time at Southampton, as well as my love for contemporary thrillers, horror and suspense, and is based around the feelings of growing-up, being thrown into new situations and potential alienation. With elements of humour, eerie suspense, creepiness and 'fish out of water' situations all thrown in, "Mandy And The Missing" is designed to a fun yet fulfilling page-turner that keeps the reader keen for the next chapter (and the next in the series).

L.R. Buxton.

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