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Tentacle Master (Book 1)

Length: 33 pages30 minutes


Tentacle Master is an erotic adventure of the literary hentai variety, intended for adult audiences only!

Masako, age eighteen, has it all: straight-A grades, more athletic talent than anybody she knows, and a killer body that drives her classmates--male and female alike--wild.

All Masako wanted to do was go to the mall after class and buy a new bra. But little did she know that her favorite shortcut through the park would lead her on a path to horrors beyond human imagination. After following the sound of muffled cries, Masako discovers the school nurse being ravaged by a tentacled monstrosity! And, even worse, Masako soon finds herself an object of this otherworldly creature's insidious desires. With no hope of resistance, Masako can only submit to the carnal pleasures of her monstrous captor--but will she ever escape being bound and enslaved to the sadistic perversions of the 'Tentacle Master?'

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