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Visions in America II

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A brief preface repeats the first preface and comments further as it wanders over the topic of faith and wisdom. These are imaginative rather than eidetic visions (words and thought words.) We wander into scripture and go on to the visions in Chapter 1. Vision 10 speaks of biblical numerology, why 52 is a bad number, the number 11 and such matters. Hebrew, Greek and English compared in prophecy. Vision 11 is a lament by Isaac on the state of the Jews. Vision 12 shows God passing the question of men over to Divine Wisdom. Vision 13 is a conversation between the Angel of Death and Divine Wisdom on how to fix the problems of Earth. Vision 14 opines on the horned dilemma of wisdom and cites a passage of William Blake to refute. Vision 15 compares faith and wisdom, reason and imagination and how they harmonize. Vision 16 advises us not to go chasing dragons. Vision 17 discusses Mordecai in the Book of Esther and his folly. Vision 18 discusses clerical hypocrisy, America and Israel, and their new flags and seals, and some more on biblical numerology.

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