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Paranormal Defense Agency (Book 2): Nocturnal Nightmares

Length: 31 pages30 minutes


Arkadia City is bustling with supernatural activity and it's up to Sadie, an officer with the Paranormal Defense Agency, to investigate everything from phantom trains to haunted houses...

Nocturnal Nightmares features two sexy stories:

A mysterious train is said to appear every Halloween at midnight, spiriting away anyone unfortunate enough to see it. But when Sadie's tasked with uncovering the truth about this so-called "Demon Train," she discovers that there's more to the rumors than she ever thought possible. Not only is this terror train still running, but its passengers are an undead cult of lust-driven zombies, hungry to taste the pleasures of the flesh!

The old Helmhurst Bordello is one of the most haunted spots in Arkadia City. The building itself may be vacant, but that hasn't stopped the establishment's late owner, Lady Helmhurst, from letting her spectral presence be known. Is Sadie up to this latest case, or will the sadistic ghost of Lady Helmhurst introduce Sadie to a spooky selection or erotic delights?

Nocturnal Nightmares is an erotic paranormal adventure, of the literary hentai variety, intended for adult audiences only!

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