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USS Chandeleur AV-10: Sailing Airbase for Flying Boats (Limited)

Length: 427 pages3 hours


(From the Foreword) The Japanese Combined Command, superior strategists who had conquered virtually all of Asia, made one fatal mistake in their designs on the United States; their sneak surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Until that below-the-belt lick, America was divided on whether to enter WWII and even which side we might join. Overnight, all doubts were erased...before the month was out, many of the prospective crew members of the USS Chandeleur had joined, underwent three weeks medical quarantine plus recruit training and were at Receiving Ships and Stations awaiting assignment; hopefully aboard ship because we knew "It won't take long to whip those sneaky little bastards." (Almost four years later, we certainly proved it!)

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