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Chosen by Satan

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The Old Testament is the foundation of all Abrahamic religions. It continues to have a sizable impact on human lives. The majority of Jews and Christians believe in its inerrancy. Muslims believe that the hands of men modified parts of the Old Testament. These believers fashion their concept of the world based on how they interpret the Old Testament. Public guidelines are also shaped to accommodate such beliefs.
Having spent years studying Islam and Christianity, I began studying the Old Testament, the source. However, it became quickly apparent to me that the Old Testament is the most evil literature ever written. It contains the worst vile acts ever committed by man. It is the most racist tribal manual ever. You can cite any evil act committed by any human throughout history, and I will show you worse in the Old Testament. If criminals are allowed to justify their actions by the actions of the Old Testament’s Lord and his agents, jails will be empty. My journey through the Old Testament felt like traveling across hell. It was very excruciating when all my beliefs crumbled around me. It was worth it, however. The experience helped me cross over to the other shore, to enlightenment.
My intention when I began reading the Old Testament was to find God. What I found was the anti-god. This book is my attempt to show why I reached such conclusions.

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