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The Gentleman's Madness

223 pages2 hours


Two men imprisoned. One in body, the other in mind.

Caught in a passionate embrace with another man, scholar John Gilliam agrees to asylum treatment for perversion at the request of his worried parents. He hopes to convince his persecutors he's cured, then return to his normal life, but an attack on his person leads him down a darker path. He is denied any devices by which he might harm himself—even books and writing materials. Half crazed by isolation, John finds an unexpected friend in his caretaker, Sam Tully.
Tully feels sorry for the patient everyone calls “the professor,” but he must keep his head down and perform his duties. His family relies on his earnings. He refuses to acknowledge the stirring of excitement inside him every time he is in Gilliam’s presence. Thirst for the knowledge the scholar offers wars with the carnal hunger he must deny.
In John’s small cell, learning and mental freedom blossom as the two forge a friendship. Forbidden attraction evolves into physical action. But in the asylum there is more than curative treatment taking place. The pair uncover a terrible secret and must fight not only for their freedom but their very lives.
This is a previously released title and a Rainbow Awards winner.

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