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The Shepherd and the Solicitor

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A solitary hermit must welcome a newcomer into his flock.

After a terrible, life-altering loss, Daniel Pierce sheds his former well-bred persona to become Jacob Bennet, humble sheep farmer. He flees London to retreat to a peaceful pastoral setting of sweeping moors where he lives amongst animals less dangerous than man.
Gregory Tobin’s firm sends him to find the Pierce family’s lost heir and either bring him back or confirm his death. The scowling, bearded hermit he tracks down seems like an impossible version of the urbane Daniel Pierce from the photographs, thought the eyes are the same. Tobin needs more time with his quarry.
Arriving on the farm literally in the middle of a flock of sheep, Tobin begs the hermit to shelter him from a looming storm. He buys more time by helping with the lambing. A night working side-by-side and bombarding the recluse with questions, convinces Tobin he has found his man. Now to convince him to return home.
But in the midst of lambs, life stories and lust, something more blossoms. Passionate desire leads to intimate sharing of secrets, until it grows clear Daniel must confront the demons of his past.

This is a previously released title.

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