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Dynamy & Polarity

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Why is it sometimes so difficult to gather what we need to achieve our goals? And why is it so easy on other occasions?
What makes it easier to get rid of a bad habit, an inconvenient contract or an inappropriate partner? What makes it more difficult?
When is it more likely for us to receive, or draw to us, what we need to carry out our goals? When is it more difficult for this to happen?
These and other similar questions can be easily resolved, if you know and apply correctly the astronical tendencies of the moment.

I assume that the reader has read my other book, "ASTRONICA," as the basic concepts the Astronical Technique are not explained herein. If this is not the case, I suggest that you first become acquainted with my other book, before reading the present work, which, without proper preparation, would only be half understood.

This work is for people who want to improve their ability to interpret the astronical assessments they have prepared. It's for those who are not satisfied with the information that comes from the analysis of the "Five Precision Degrees" (i.e., Transfrequential Direction, Quadrant, Cofrequency, Pental and Gradal) that are used in basic astronical evaluations.

I welcome all who want to move on to the next level of astronical knowledge, a technique that is revolutionizing the way we can make use of the forces of the cosmos that contains us all.

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