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Dragon Fyre: Musings From The Dragonlady

Length: 125 pages1 hour


A collection of nine stories from Sandie Bergen, the Dragonlady herself, together with nine illustrations created just for the stories. Fantasy, romance, and paranormal elements team together to form an entertaining anthology. All profits from Sandie's books go to the kidney foundation that helped her so much.

After Sandie left this Earth we went through her computer. Inside we found these hidden gems. Short stories she had written, some because someone wanted a short story for a publication, one as a gift for her husband, and some because her characters wanted their stories told. Most of these stories have never been published before, although a few have.

Her family wanted to share these stories. We gathered up nine of her finished stories and put them together in this anthology. Inside you see a side of Sandie you may not have seen before, there are the Dragons that you would expect, but also ghosts as Sandie spread her wings. She wrote what she knew and was a fanatic about detail and this comes through in the stories.

1. "Onyx" is a romantic fantasy story Sandie wrote special for her husband.
2. "First Conflict" is a fantasy flash story.
3. "Breakfast" is a fantasy story.
4. "The Price of Desire" is a vampire story.
5. "Vixen" is an elven fantasy story.
6. "The Hunt's Truth" is a magical medieval style story.
7. "The Cairgnorm" is a Scottish paranormal, perhaps romance story.
8. "We Knew It Was Coming" is a fantasy themed story with elves.
9. "The Legend of the Vale" is the background story of an unreleased book by Sandie Bergen.

Content warning: Some sex and violence is in this book.

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