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A Young Man's Poetry Volume 2.

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This second edition came from the same box of poems I wrote back in the 1970-80's. They lay forgotten for decades and about 30% had faded.
At that time my children were small and some of these rhymes were written for their entertainment.
So I hope you achieve the same result.
Back then practically anything would trigger a poem ... yes the things were no longer hiding under rocks but blatantly arriving in one's face and demanding attention.
Much of the same materialised when I started into fiction novels. Just needed a blank piece of paper and my imagination grabbed the pencil. Never had any idea what would be in the next paragraph so always played games with the story to push and poke out surprises.
My grandfather taught me to be a storymaker. All he needed was an open fire to concentrate on ... and in no time at all .... you could be taken ... anywhere.

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