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Mending Him

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Family bonds and loving hands bring healing.

An orphaned nephew raised by the Chester family, Robbie Grayson is content enough with his quiet country life, helping his aunt and uncle—until Charles Worthington explodes into it. Injured in a carriage accident, this Chester cousin has come to the estate to heal. Dutiful Robbie is tasked with helping him during his recovery.

After blowing through his family’s money, Charles is forced to rely on the kindness of relatives. He shows his gratitude by arriving blind drunk and making a fool of himself. Despair controls him as he slowly heals from his broken leg and from the undiagnosed debilitating episodes which preceded his accident. But the kindness of quiet, thoughtful Robbie, who walks with a limp due to childhood polio, makes Charles ashamed of wallowing in self-pity.

The healing process begins as these two men, brought together by family, offer each other support and challenges to old patterns. Pure friendship is a thin veneer over their growing physical attraction. When desire burns through, Robbie and Charles must find a way to be together without destroying the family bonds that mean so much to them.

This is a previously released title.

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