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The Ugly Guys Club

Length: 691 pages12 hours


Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy
blames God.
A whimsical tale of a love-starved youth who came to the United States as a grumbling child many years ago. One day, he meets a beautiful girl who really makes him feel like he’s living inside an everyday paradise. She doesn’t care about his looks or the depth of his pocket, and she shows him warmth and companionship like he’s never known
before. As time flies by, the boy swears to dedicate himself to tying the knot with her once he starts making money. However, he fails to realize that the girl he loves now has a suitor and is scheduled to be married soon before returning back to her country. So
with time running out, this hopeless romantic tries to frantically convince the girl that he’s really the “Chosen One,” and that he’s truly dedicated in consistently bringing her happiness, and joy. But the problem is...this boy is nearly 30 years old!

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