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The Mediator



Australian Earth and Fire is a sassy Australian fantasy where a whole new future comes to life.
It can be read as a standalone but it's the second book about the Australian Mediator.
Caught up in a magical war to save Australia M has lost her dad, found trouble and ended up as the Mediator for Australia.
The job her dad had before he disappeared and one she doesn't know much about.
Australia is in for a treat. Protocol is out the door and tact left with it.
M was never one to beat around the bush and everyone will know it.
General consensus is that the most important job is the Australia is now in the hands of a rude child and not everyone is happy with this development. But there is a bigger problem. All races are losing people without a trace now that the demons have arrived and tempers are running high.
The dwarves don't care how rude she is. Their magic users, rare and treasured, have been taken. They need M to mediate with the ruler of Perth to have a chance at finding them alive.
Meanwhile the dragons are having some issues of their own and they have requested mediation for the first time in history. Much to the disgust of the Unseelie queen.
Australia is in trouble and M is in over her head.
And that's not even including her personal life!

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