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How to Overcome Shyness: Tips and Techniques

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I Do Not Want to Approach You – a Natural Instinct
How to Approach Her...
How to talk to someone in a Group
Polishing up Your Social Skills
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This book is for all those people out there, who would rather read a book, than interact with people of their own age group, just because they are so shy. They know that they are suffering from this little so-called effect in their personality, which prevents them from being the life and soul of the party. The moment they have to talk to somebody, they find their hands and feet swelling up – this thought is purely mental, let me assure you of that – their foreheads start to sweat, their lips feel dry, and there is a trembling in their body and spirit.

Believe it or not, even the most self-assured person can find himself suffering from such a state, sometime or the other in his life. Remember Mr. Yul Brynner – personality plus? He had the power to overshadow Charles Heston in Ben Hur. And one day, Deborah Kerr, who was starring with him in the King and I, entered his makeup room by mistake, and found him with his arms outstretched, pushing against the wall and taking deep breaths. He admitted to her, that he was terrified of facing the camera because he was basically a shy person!

She could not believe it. This book is written for all those people, who are basically shy – the writer included – and who wish to overcome this problem.

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