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Season's Beatings (A Casual [sex] Gamer Story)

Length: 30 pages28 minutes


Jane wasn’t looking forward to a lonely Christmas but a decorating accident had her waking at the North Pole. The muscular Viking called Nick wasn’t what she’d expected Santa to look like, but she had no complaints about his rough treatment of her body. As for him, a voluptuously curvy woman with an ass made for spanking and lips made for sucking was just what he needed before his big night.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Nick whistled at the sight of Jane. “You look amazing! Santa's little helper indeed, raising more than morale.” He winked then turned to heave a bulging sack, tipping it over the sleigh where gifts poured out for far longer than was possible, being swallowed by the leather sack without a visible bulge forming.

Jane forgot her annoyance at the sight of the big guy's tensed muscles as he moved the heavy loads. She instantly imagined how strong he must be, and she wanted to run her hands and maybe even her mouth over him.

Enjoying his flattery, she completed a spin and hurried toward him. She leaned against the sleigh to watch him as he loaded it, trying not to lick her lips like the big bad wolf, ready to pounce.

“Thank you, and I'd love to be your little helper,” she said, thinking it would likely involve lots of rough sex. “I like this, but it's a bit short, don't you think?” she asked, placing her palms flat on the sleigh floor and bending to wiggle her rear end at him.

“I think it's about perfect,” he disagreed, slapping her round butt resoundingly. He dropped the sack, both hands free to knead and grope her as he held her in place.

She glimpsed her unfamiliar blond reflection in a silver sleigh bell and looked over her shoulder at him. “Oh, what's up with the blonde hair, anyway? I mean, it looks good on you, but I don’t want to get slammed with all those crappy blond jokes, you know?”

“Would you believe I've never heard a blonde joke,” Nick told her, flexing his muscles until the leather jerkin creaked under the strain. “People must not think I'd be amused, I think your hair looks good like this anyway. Makes you look like a doll.” He winked at Jane as he ran one big hand up her back, between her bare shoulders and into her hair before closing it into a fist. “Now, little imp, what do you want from Santa?”

Jane's head tilted back and she quickly forgot about the color of her hair as she thought about what she wanted from him. She wanted him to have his way with her, maybe on a furry rug by a romantic fire. She closed her eyes and pictured it, the huge sexy Viking on top of her, pressing her into the fur.

“Well, maybe since you only come during the Christmas season, we should make it more about you. I really want you to do whatever you'd like, and I bet I'll love it...”

“Then we'll go to extremes,” he decided, smiling as he turned her head to look her in the eye. “I'm going to beat that behind as red as your dress then take you harder than ever. But let's give you a gift too.” He winked and nodded across the room to where a blazing fire, and fireplace, had just appeared in the wall. A huge polar bearskin rug lay on the floor, the snarling head holding a hefty candy striped paddle between its teeth.

Nick gave her a gentle push in its direction. “Swing those hips as you go, it's hot enough to melt the snow outside,” he teased.

With mixed feelings of terror and excitement, she gave a quick nod then jumped up to kiss him before heading to the fire. Nick was so perfect and she really did want to please him, but she was nervous about the whole "Beating your butt red" part. The rest of it sounded excellent, though.

Her hips swayed enticingly as she walked, and she smiled at the romantic set-up he'd provided. She stopped in front of the fire and dropped to her knees on the furry rug, hoping she could distract him with her oral skills. As she watched him and grinned, Jane casually pulled the paddle out of the bear's mouth and tossed it i

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