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The Idol

Length: 237 pages4 hours


Young Dani Thomas's life is going nowhere. Bored, lonely and hiding a big secret about herself from her family, she elects to leave her home town of Bangor for a short holiday. She intends to find herself, to enjoy herself - to escape herself, if just for a few days.

But when she arrives in the small, apparently unremarkable English village of Radlington, Dani's interference in a local argument brings the full fury of the community down on her. And having hidden her true self from the world out of fear, with her life now in the gravest of danger Dani has no choice but to fight...

"The Idol" is a thriller which takes an apparently unremarkable young woman who finds herself in a remarkable situation - one created by bad luck, good intentions, inner strength and (from another source) possible manipulation. In this novel, which combines tension and confrontation with a certain black humour, the heroine sees her life turned upside-down on seeing the potential hostility and aggression lurking within every civilised person, particularly those who are still dominated by their community's dark pasts.

Can Dani escape the increasingly violent and ruthless people of Radlington? Can she rescue the folk who risk their own lives to help her? And who is the mysterious and androgynous figure who follows Dani, and what exactly is their involvement in all of the subsequent events?

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