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Two Short Stories - Jefferson Brown

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Author’s Notes

History of He of September 7th

I had the opportunity to live in Germany for some time. In the first five weeks of me arriving back to America I had both begun and finished this story. He of September 7th is an accounting of the many people we might encounter in our individual lives. Life is filled with stresses, sadness, and misfortune; however, life also has its joys, love, and light. Parents striving for their children or a good companion or friends that have your back. Do we not know those mournful Chambers, who are in our lives, who have found themselves wandering back, but then get slapped in the face and drug in the dirt again; they tried and yet fall back to their individual struggles. Do we not know the Olivia’s or Eric’s in our lives who are a deceit to their society? Do you know of the joy a new baby brings into the lives of others like Kelly Opel? Who are the heroes in your life like that of Oliver Eggot and Mr. Tevitts? Who are those many Charleses in your lives that give you hope?

He of September 7th

He was born with a gift of sadness and the sense that the world hurt from happiness. He who cannot be named is listed among friends like Cain & Judas, but his daughter was one of God’s angels. On the night of September 7th, year unknown or in actuality it is, but for your sanity it will not be given. On September 7th Olivia Boyle ran away from her raging husband, who in drunkenness had beaten her, and feeling weak and in the moment faint, she passed out in the woods. Hungry wolves eyed her. In the darkness, their eyes glowing as they lurked to their evening meal.

He we will name Samuel Chambers II, though that is not his real name; it’s only predicted from police officers as they go to each bloody, ravaged scene always different, except the letter with sxc written upon it, always in lowercase to. As the numbers increased day by day the community worried evermore if they would wake the night to see the next day or be like many who wake never again, to be found pooled in their own blood.

The year is 2016 and Charles Xavier Savings had just dedicated himself to serving the Lord his God. By going on a mission for one year. Only about four months prior in his inadequacy of learning a new language and lack of scriptural knowledge he left at the young age of 20 to preach of his love of the Savior. For anyone who knew Charles, knew he loved the Savior. You could feel it within him.

The following are selected letters we have received from our son:

1) Hey family and friends I have recently arrived in Austria. My companion is Jackson Willow. We have hit it off from the very beginning. He is an orchestral trumpeter who is from Ireland. In these past two weeks, we’ve done a lot of walking and Jackson has done a lot of the talking. If you were to hear him he’s pretty much fluent. I hope one day I can speak as good of German as he does, because I honestly can’t understand anything and it pains me that I cannot express myself to these lovely Austrians. We had the opportunity to talk to a Buddhist man, express our beliefs on the Bible, and speak about the differences of Buddha and Jesus Christ and the roles they play in our individual lives and religions. I love reading the Bible and invite you again to read John 3:16 For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten son... I know God loves us all and I hope you Dad, Mom, Chambers, Eric, and all my friends the best back in America. Love Charles.

2) Hey Dad this letter will be short, but to answer your question. I have been able to see lives change as those who turn to the Bible find a light in their life, they become much happier. I did have to swallow a hard pill about two days ago. I ask if you would please pray for Jackson, Livingston, and I. Jackson and I have been teaching Livingston. He is from New Guinea where traditionally he speaks French, but he also knows English. He is in Austria and came with his younger brother Sampson to find better work. We have been meeting with both of them for almost a month and made pretty much a brotherly relationship; however, Livingston called us two days ago in tears, saying he that Sampson had died. We went to comfort him and for an hour and a half. We men cried like children. I know Sampson is in a better place. Love Charles.

We are so proud of our son Charles in making this decision to share the Bible with others. I am the pastor of 17th Gaylord Avenue Catholic Church. I have been the pastor for the church for about 15 years now and I love it. I to have a wonderful family including my wife Allison and our three sons Chambers, Charles, and Eric. Chambers is 23 years old and a bit mentally handicapped and high tempered, but with his meds he is quite charming. He loves to draw and when he is sober he sketches all sorts of things. Allison and I have a picture together sitting on the porch swing in front of our house mounted to our wall in our room, that he sketched, but most of the time he goes to the nearby river and sketches the ducks in the water in all seasons, sunrises, and sunsets. Two years ago, he married a beautiful girl by the name of Olivia, who also is an artist. Charles is very spiritual and desires to be a religion teacher at a school and, at the moment, he is in Austria for a year to preach about God. Eric is 17 and the goofball of the family and always active in some type of sport especially baseball. Eric also is the best handyman out of my three sons. He is always digging things up or building tree forts for his friends and himself.

(Shuddered cry), excuse my crying I love my family. I love my sons Chambers, Charles, and Eric. I marvel at their differences and their talents, but I would as a man of God and as a father desire that they would not have to suffer so much in this wicked world. Charles is honestly the most obedient; though, he has had a few minor misdeeds, as for Chambers who is an atheist, smokes, and drinks he has been quite distant from the family since he was 16. Eric even though he is the life of the party this is not always good. He has impregnated his girlfriend and a few times I have smelt alcohol on his breath. I pray that Eric does not fall into the same bad habits as his eldest brother, but can see the good example Charles is being.

A selected letter from Charles:

1) Hey family and friends I’m still with Jackson Willow and the work is just going better and better despite a few hard times in every week. We met with this woman named Tanya, she is Japanese and already catholic, but she invited us over for dinner and referred a friend to us that she would like to share our beliefs with. God is truly looking after us. Also, thanks for your prayers on Livingston’s behalf. Even though it’s been a short time he is doing better. Please keep praying for him and also the others we will hopefully find. Love Charles.

Hey Eric, wake up you need to get to school. I said.

Yea yea, I’m coming. Cool your horses I don’t have anything I’m learning in school. I don’t see the point in even going. Eric groggily said and rolled out of bed.


Honey can you grab the phone. I said.

Yes, I got it. Allison said and Eric was running down the stairs, grabbed a muffin, and ran to get to school on time.


Hello this is Olivia, do you have any idea where Chambers could be, he didn’t show up last night, and he is not here now. Olivia sobbingly said.

When was the last time you heard from him? Allison worriedly asked.

Yesterday morning he told me he was going out with some of his friends to do some fishing at Hurlington River.

Hurlington River, that’s 4 1/2 hours away. Why would he go that far? Also, have you tried calling him?

"Yes, I have, but he doesn’t answer. He never