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Miss Gemini’s Homecoming - Robin Wildt Hansen

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Fourth House

Hermetica Gemini swore.

It was 9.45 AM. She knew this because her alarm was blasting through her head like a bus crawling with schoolchildren.

Children. Hermetica grit her teeth at the thought. It was time to get up so she needed to banish such things from her mind.

She struggled with her duvet. It took a while before it let go of her and she strode to the kitchen. She picked up her phone from on top of the espresso machine and turned off the alarm which had been sounding through a pair of speakers mounted in the corners of the ceiling.

She slumped down on the kitchen counter with her effervescent painkiller and triple espresso, checking her Facebook feed as her kitchen TV set shouted out the morning’s news.

It was that prima donna Leonora who was presenting this morning. Anyone who had eyes could see that Leonora wasn’t really thinking of the news she was presenting; all she cared about was what figure she was striking and how the words looked between her lips.

At the TV station, Leonora was always waving her big hair about, involving anyone who would listen in the frequent dramas of her personal life.

However – unfortunately for Hermetica – Leonora always narrowly escaped being a bore; she had a magnetic way about her, and although she usually spoke of trivial things, she always ended up as the centre of attention.

Well, not always; Hermetica knew that she herself struck an imposing figure. Only