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Ghost Detective: Book V Death in the Shadows: Ghost Detective, #5

Length: 74 pages1 hour


Veteran police officers Sally Edwards and her partner Layton Roland were crossing town at high speed responding to a report of a shooting when their cruiser was rammed from the side by an armed robber fleeing the scene of a crime. Roland was concussed but Edwards suffered a partially severed spinal cord in her neck. 
After a seemingly miraculous recovery from a coma and certain death she’s pulled off life support only to suffer a stroke leaving her a quadriplegic. Yet somewhere between death’s door and the debilitating stroke her spirit is freed from the attachment to her body. Her spirit now moves freely between officer Edwards waking hours, her slumber and whenever she releases it to do her bidding in the world of mortals. Layton Roland was her partner on the force for ten years and her lover. He moves Edwards and a private nurse, Willy Washington, into an old ski lodge.
When Roland pushes through the teeth of a snow storm in pursuit of Pool of Tears murderer, Bobby Jack, the battle between god and evil ends with the lodge burning to the ground police Captain Dennis Walters dead, Officer Edwards back in the hospital in a coma, and Bobby Jack still on the lose.

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