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Becoming Bitcoin - Christopher Barnes

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  Bitcoin has consistently outperformed all major investment vehicles from Real Estate to the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average. If you would have invested $1000.00 on January 1, 2016 in each the following assets the return on your investments would look like this:

S&P 500=$1,194.90 (19.49% increase)

Top Mutual Funds=$1,120.00 (12.00% increase)

Dow Jones Industrial Average=$1,150.07 (15.07% increase)

Top Hedge Funds=$1,150.00 (15.00% increase)

Bitcoin=$2,428.20 (142.82% increase)

  Bitcoin has a market cap of approximately $15 billion and growing. (

  Bitcoin Automated Teller Machines are popping up at an alarming rate all over the world. There are currently thousands of ATM’s that are operational in the United States. In the metro Atlanta area, there are about 60-65 ATM’s available for use. (

  President Trump chose Bitcoin supporter as US Budget Director.



  The dollar continues to decline in value due to inflation, manipulation, bailouts and other flawed systems put in place by central authorities. (

  China users and miners control the vast majority of the Bitcoin market, rumored to be over 80%. China is a respected superpower in politics and they have chosen to invest heavily in Bitcoin; we can’t afford to fall too far behind. China has already put government regulations on Bitcoin. Digital currency is the new space race. (

  Bitcoin is accepted all over the world, the same currency with the same value no matter where you are. Universal acceptance means more profit potential for those properly positioned.

  No fraudulent charge backs, reversed payments, or merchant service fees for business that accept Bitcoin.

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