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The Greatest Game

Length: 566 pages8 hours


The Megastate. A worldwide utopia of the 2040s, realized by Soteira, an AI overseeing future humankind. Life in the Megastate is peaceful, enlightened, proficient. Or perhaps that’s merely the surface.

Enter Luther Scotian, Seattle detective, cynical about life in a so-called paradise. As the security of the Megastate frays, one of the AI’s top agents—Luther’s ex-girlfriend Melina—recruits the detective. Able to flex his investigative talents anew, Luther finds himself smack in the middle of world-altering discoveries.

Wanting to ensure its continuity, the superintelligence behind the Megastate aids the detective. Spanning across the Americas, events thrust Luther, Melina and Soteira into a game of cat and mouse. Their adversary’s goals, concealed aboard a space station, involve no less than the reengineering of humankind.

Amidst androids, AR tech, and a global panopticon, The Greatest Game sends readers on an existential thrill ride. By the last page, you’ll be asking yourself big questions.

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