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Governing Utopia: Of Earth and Aliens

Length: 447 pages5 hours


Here we go again! Relax and escape for awhile as you enjoy visiting an almost magical planet some sixteen light years away, one more time. The always fresh air and beautiful weather, coupled with a warm and friendly people who enjoy their stress free lives to the fullest, certainly are enviable.

Throughout this story are more commentaries about Earth and the people on it. Maybe it’s unfair to compare an alien world with Earth - or is it? Are there things we can learn? Will the answers surprise you? These commentaries offer a different point of view and maybe a chance for a dialog between the people of Earth, but if nothing else, it will make you think.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy your visits to another planet, and maybe while you’re reading this book you may find yourself whispering “I’m going back to Wrenta!”


Laurence R. Smith

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