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I remember, remembering that I have repeated my past over and over, and over.

For what reasons are there, to explain why one’s life is in need of a repeat.

Do we repeat life, for the purpose of getting it right, to correct a past mistake, to change the outcome of a situation to suit our egos?

For what-ever reasons, we do re-live moments of our lives.

Some of us have fleeting memories of those moments.

I remember, remembering to rewrite these lines, or did I?

Or is it only my mind playing visual games?

For moments like this we use the Déjà vu.

Shivers up my spine after, during the reading of every short story.

I will have nightmares . . ., thanks!

Goose-bumps, shivers and a constant look over my should when reading these stories in an empty house.

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