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Blood and Magic: Verdan Chronicles Volume 8

Length: 607 pages9 hours


Blood and Magic continues the adventures of Celecia and Dakoran in Verdan’s future. While they attempt to find a way back home, they must also deal with the growing threat from North Maroa and resurgence of an ancient enemy, the vampires. The demonic creatures from Jamut’s realm are once again led by the demon who inhabits the body of Celecia’s former sister, Tathiel. And with the growing presence of magic, these mystically fueled creatures will no longer be contained.

In North Maroa, Wendy leads a band of rebels seeking to depose the president who came from Verdan’s past.

Mriccon travels to Parthea to learn the state of the religion he founded.

And while the world reels from unfolding events, a forced reunion causes enemies to reveal past secrets and work together if they are to survive. Their efforts result in a better understanding of each other and of themselves. All of this leads to a cataclysmic confrontation and sets the stage for The Fifth Age.

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