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Rood Der: 11: Dreams Reality

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Rood Der: 11: Dreams Reality. Frances meets a wise man in Shushosshollow, the City of Dreams, and makes a new friend in Mister Bumbles. Rooster meets up with an old flame and finally gets some of the answers he has yearned for, but realizes he will probably not be able to remember them when he wakes. But which is the dream, and which is the reality, through the Red Door?

How deep are we, immersed in this world we call reality? How many turtles down do we go, in this discombobulated, mixed-metaphor, rabbit-hole world?

Their world might be based on Ayn Rand, her writings, philosophies, and her U.S. Presidency, but how dense are their numbers compressed, and for how long will their simulation even run? This little group has been provided an exit, but would anyone be rude enough to dare and leave their very own reality?

Take the Rude Dare, and Cross over, where data is data, through the Red Door. From the author of Vestigial Surreality comes the new serial novel, Rood Der.

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