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My Lessons Are Great

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I have prepared this book for everyone who wishes to become successful and happy individuals.

The content of this book consists of the summaries of the books that I have read during my B.A. and M.Sc. education in “Holistic Psychology.” Shortly after I graduated from college, I have begun to train myself in this field. This book has allowed me to reach out to thousands of students during my 25 years of teaching and to improve their lives.
In each lesson, you will find many useful knowledge about how to live happily. Although it is hard to be mindful, happy, and successful at the same time, in our education system, this book will help you lead a happy and successful life.
We can easily solve our problems if we can control our mind and brain correctly. A mind that can look at the future in a more positive, constructive, and confident way is crucial. With an optimistic mind, any kind of problem will turn into a domino waiting to be solved.

I wish every reader happiness and success filled with knowledge.

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