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Length: 257 pages4 hours


Princess Kirah is in charge of thousands of soldiers who are engaged in an inter-realm war between the Heavens and the Underworld, and the casualties are heavy. Samael, the leader of the Underworld, has infiltrated. The stakes are higher than the ever were: she has to protect her mother, the Goddess Leila. What becomes of her world will affect what happens to everyone on Earth. And worse: she has to keep the love of her life, Michael, out of harm's way. It seems an all too daunting and impossible task.
Crystal Tatum's American Southern smile hides the pain from the bruises she receives at home from her stepfather, Sam. Her laughter hides her fear of whether she will live another day. Her eyes hide even deeper secrets, like the love she feels for the high school football star, Damien, and the worry that Sam would destroy him if he knew. Her soul, however, holds something even bigger that will send her on a wild, supernatural roller coaster ride. Mississippi holds more magic than meets the eye...

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