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My Marriage Is Great

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In our modern era, women also participate in the production process. In other words, male and female roles have changed. Males and females both play an active and equal role in home and professional life. However, there are also tragic marriage examples, in which women feel subordinated. There are young girls who are sold to older men under the name of “marriage.” There are wives who are subject to domestic violence frequently.
My book, “My Marriage is Great,” is written for the modern educated men and women who believe in the equality of women and men and who wish to make right decisions for their family life.
We should understand that everybody should read this book in order to help themselves and to improve their relationships. Know that you cannot train or change anyone else other than YOURSELF.
You will realize that most of your problems will be resolved when you enlighten your inner self and when you find the roots of the difficulties you face within yourself.

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