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Learn Css In 1 Hour

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Have you come up with a stunning website design? We are here to teach you how to put that design into reality. CSS forms the basis of manipulating the design of a site so that it looks exactly how you want it, from the size of text to the color scheme.

This book covers topics such as:

Font Types – Did you know that there are numerous types of fonts that each serve a different purpose? We dig deep into serif, sans-serif, monospace, and more! You will learn how to customize a font to meet the specific needs of every site you create.

Padding and Margins – A website wouldn't be very clean if none of the items had any space between them! Learn how to separate sections of your site in order to make it look visually appealing.

Adding a Menu – Can't have your website users getting lost! This book will teach you how to create a menu so that users can navigate throughout the pages of your site and always return home when they need to.

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