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Beginning: September 1814: Enforcer, #1

Length: 42 pages31 minutes


One Man's Search for Redemption

Brett Mitchell joined the militia late in 1812, intent on protecting home and family from invaders, knowing the risks: death in battle and infection from wounds. He didn't count on another threat that came to American shores with the enemy. Something worse than guns, rockets, cannons, and mortars. Something out of his worst childhood nightmares, and even God appears to have abandoned him at his time of greatest need.

This short story begins Brett's journey through fear, abandonment, and rage to acceptance, purpose, and renewed faith.

Beginning: September, 1814 - Brett Mitchell had no idea what he was getting into when he joined the Pennsylvania Militia to fight off British invaders who threatened to strip away America’s hard-won independence from England. The most dangerous enemy wasn't quite as he imagined....

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