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Henry Hartman's Fall Guy Crisis: An Off the Books Mystery, #3

195 pages3 hours


A cozy thriller with a humorous bent! A chance encounter at a yard sale turns everything upside down....A desperate man threatens her life, all because she won't surrender a pine chest she bought for twenty bucks....When FBI Agent Henry Hartman's wife, Syd, calls for back-up, the resulting confrontation exposes some very interesting secrets for the man she calls "Bigfoot". Once on the maintenance crew for the Military Sealift Command at the Charleston Naval Base, charged with preparing supply ships with communications cable for undersea installation, Harvey Poulin has gone from being a respectable member of the United States Navy to being a public menace. Did he have some kind of a psychological breakdown or were there hostile forces pushing him into position as the fall guy for a spy operation?

Helping "Bigfoot" get back on his feet after some bad luck is one thing, but does Henry have to insist she hire the man as her assistant?....And that Rottweiler of his could turn out to be a work site danger when "Fang" unexpectedly plays protector for her master. How can Syd control this hot mess that just keeps getting hotter?

Just when she thinks things can't get any more complicated, there's a break-in at the Hartman home by a pair of baby-toting robbers...."Don't let them put my baby in foster care! I'm a good mother! I only did it to save her!"....What does that mean? Syd finds herself roped into serving as foster mom after the tearful plea from a desperate mother. Good thing Syd and Henry have the Hartman ladies to help them....Prudence and Charity take on babysitting duties, while former Department of Justice prosecutor Faith insists on serving as the baby's legal protector. When little Sonia's father turns out to be a member of Harvey's old Navy crew, the FBI agent knows there's more to this tale of woe than meets the eye.

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