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Henry Hartman's Boondoggle Crisis: An Off the Books Mystery, #2

392 pages6 hours


A cozy thriller with a humorous bent! From a ratty motel in Berlin, CT to a lagoon villa on Hilton Head, SC, newlyweds Syd and FBI Agent Henry Hartman are on one wild honeymoon...desperately seeking answers to why the mob is so determined to whack the new bride....

Boston mob boss Blackie Walsh, the ruthless gangster on trial, is determined to force Tom Boyle to fork over his $2 million, but the money's evaporated. That financial business that used to help fund IRA activities is now struggling after the bottom fell out of the money market.

Enter Syd's ex-husband, Matt Boyle, the guy she put through dental school. He's pretending she's a gold-digger, even as he plots to whack her. The family's money-laundering just gets dirtier and dirtier -- no amount of detergent can clean up this mess!

Thank heavens for the new pound pooch they rescued from the Humane Society. They're bound to stay together for the sake of the dog, right? But everybody keeps threatening the tiny Maltese terrier, just to get to Syd. What gives?

As the action heats up, Syd is forced to face her biggest fears in a gator-laden lagoon, on a dark, chilly night in South Carolina...and again, when a deadly package keeps showing up on her doorstep, courtesy of a very determined hit man. When the finale finally arrives, it will leave you breathless, thanks to a killer out to use the Boston mob for cover for a very sinister game of intrigue.

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