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Golden City

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Golden City is a historical-fiction novel. It is a woman's journal of hope and enlightenment during a time of extreme hardship and conflict, and is based on the voyage of the sailing ship "Golden City" that transported Irish immigrants to Queensland, Australia in 1865.

Emily is convinced by her husband to leave her home and family and join other steerage passengers on a journey to a promising new land. She soon realizes this may have been a mistake when she discovers the poor conditions on the over-crowded ship. Her worst fears are realized as they sail into fierce storms and mountainous seas.

She must also endure the deterioration of relationships within the cramped steerage, and the behavior of an increasingly undisciplined crew. As events quickly spiral beyond her control, Emily discovers a different perspective of the Golden City, but will it be enough to save her from the dangers to be encountered across the vast oceans yet to sail?

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