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Vitalis: Miss Fortune: Vitalis

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Vitalis: Miss Fortune is book 10 in the futuristic science fiction series, Vitalis

The year is 2223 and terraforming a dying planet, according to thirteen year old Tessa, sucks. Unfortunately for her, wishes do come true…

Thirteen years later Tessa is a new woman in more ways than one. Her fear of living a simple life of a farmer is a forgotten nightmare. In its place she does miscellaneous jobs that her partner and father figure arranges. Jobs that either skirt the grey areas of interstellar law or completely break it. Her life is lucrative and exciting, but also dangerous. And lonely.

A new job, rumored to be her father's last, promises one last run with a more valuable payout than ever before. Enough to get her father the medical help he needs and to set them up for life. The only things stopping them from cashing in is trying to understand what all the fuss is about the strange glowing alien crystals and keeping her newest mark from figuring out too much about her before it's too late.

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