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Length: series


Sometimes love kills.

Sold by her parents at a young age to a malicious organization for the sole purpose of becoming an assassin, Camille’s only expectations in life were to serve and die.

That was what her organization, Ember, expected of her. That is all she expected of herself.

That is, until one day, when she discovered the jaw-dropping music of the billionaire violinist Rafael Vetere. When the breathtaking sound stole all of her attention and captivated her into losing all of her senses, save that of sound, she found meaning in her desolate life; a light at the end of the tunnel of despair.

When her superiors invite her to a game of death against another assassin, with her freedom on the line, she can’t refuse. But what lies ahead for her is a life changing experience that not even she could have ever expected.

In this awe inspiring tale of love, tears, lies, betrayal, and deceit, nothing is certain. Truths become lies, lies become truths, and allies become enemies. How far will one go to see their deepest desires come to fruition? To protect that which they hold dear?

An 11,800+ word novelette

Due to steamy and violent content, this romantic suspense series is recommended for 18+.

This is part two of a four part series, other parts to come soon.

Other Parts:
Bloodlust: Book One

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