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Buford's Tall Tales, Volume 2

Length: 170 pages2 hours


The ultimate story teller, Cliff Kimble, relates his personal and irreverent look at American hunting and fishing stories in Volume 2 of Buford’s Tall Tales. Continuing with his unique characters and amusing tale tales (or not), Cliff relates his youthful adventures of hitchhiking in a Florida swamp to the destruction of a ice fishing shack. His dog (and cat) stories will touch your heart and give you much admiration for the skills — and antics — of his incredible four-legged companions. The tales about the many friends that knowingly, or unknowingly, participated with him on his escapades will make you wish you were his friend. Witty and clever, with an impeccable sense of timing, his stories will make you laugh, shed a tear or two, and make you wish you were along for the ride. Settle into your favorite chair with your copy and put yourself in the hands of a master storyteller.

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