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The First of Many

Length: 29 pages23 minutes


In “The Watcher”, we follow a very grumpy ghost who does not like the fact that he now has a new roommate. He would have been perfectly happy in living out the rest of eternity on his own, but she had to walk through the door and ruin everything.

“The True Afterlife?” is an adaptation from Hans Christian Andersen's “The Elf of the Rose”. In this story we follow a little elf named Osc who ends up helping a new elf, Bobert seeks revenge for not only his death, but also the death of Bobert's fiancé.
Garden gnomes are pretty creepy to begin with, but when come alive things just get weird.

In “Unknowing Revenge”, Mia and her cat companion, Whisk discover that they not only have garden gnomes for guardians but the giant boa constrictor that just slithered in like it owns the place is supposedly going to keep them all safe, or is he?

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