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Art Heist: The Tales of Genevieve

Length: 23 pages9 minutes


“DOUBLE DEAL” focuses on street-wise Genevieve Brennan, a seasoned thief looking for a way out of the game. Under the rule of a ruthless crime boss, she’ll have to outwit and outmaneuver the man that taught her everything. Can she pull off the ultimate heist?

In “TURNING TIDES” we follow cunning thief, Genevieve Brennan as she faces the consequences of her actions. Friendships are tested and loyalties questioned as she fights for her freedom away from a life of violence and crime.

What happens after you’ve destroyed the only life you’ve ever known? “ACRYLIC” is the final chapter of the novella series following art thief, Genevieve Brennan. In this emotional finale, we find out just what it takes to forge a new life from the remnants of a shattered past.

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