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Length: 51 pages44 minutes


Hayden survives only by hiding what he truly is.
Elle lives to push her clients past their limits.
Together they forge an unlikely romance within a vicious circle of blood, greed, and sexual appetites.
While situated in a small hometown that could be anywhere in the southern United States, Hayden endures and eventually conquers some of the town’s ugliest miscreants.
Rated X: for violence, blood, language, and explicit sexual content. If you have an aversion to any of these, you’re reading the wrong story.

Fear surges adrenaline into our bodies, gives us strength, gives us power, and spurs us into flight from danger. But, what if you were never afraid? What if you already were so powerful that you had to work not to hurt others? When injured, our nerves signal our brains with pain. Pain tells us to stop; it keeps us safe. We hesitate to fight when threatened, to save us the pain of sore knuckles and jaw. But, if you didn’t hesitate, and you didn’t fear, what kind of monster would you be?
For Hayden, as a type of supernatural being known as a shifter (or shapeshifter), pain is a choice. A decision he regularly makes to hold onto what little humanity he has left.

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