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Swan Dive

Length: 244 pages4 hours


Molly Babbitt is back in New York, enjoying the good life with her Times reporter husband when prominent business financier Sam Harland decides to take a dive from an 18th floor of the Swan Building, right above the Azalea Woods Estates sales office where Molly's good friend, Candy Barry, works as a secretary. Always happy to see an old friend, and hoping to get the inside details of the suicide, Molly invites Candy to lunch and learns there might be much more to the suicide than the police know.

The media is reporting that Sam Harland was part of an investment pool coming up short millions of dollars, and Raleigh Winship, another investor, has gone missing, accused of looting the pool. Candy' employer, Carol Whitehall, had relationships with both men and had met with each of them on the day of the tragedy. Why would Harland, a man who seemed to have everything to live for suddenly take a dive out his office window? Why is Winship in hiding? What is the relationship between the two men and Carol Whitehall and did she have a role in the death of Harland or the disappearance of Winship?

Molly knows there's more to be learned and when she finds out that the law firm of Whitney and Whitney has been retained by the other investors to search for the missing millions and Winship, she knows she has to tell the Chief what she learned from Candy. The Chief quickly assigns Molly an undercover role on the switchboard of the Swan Building so that she can keep tabs on Carol Whitehall. It isn't long before evidence reveals that the suicide was really a cover for murder.

Meanwhile, Whitney's key investigator and Molly's best friend, Jack Reddy renews an old acquaintance with the beautiful and mysterious Carol Whitehall and regrets not getting to know her better when they were neighbors. Is it too late now? The Whitneys have deduced that she is a prime suspect in a murder conspiracy and it appears that she is getting ready to flee with her lover, Raleigh Winship, as soon as he sends for her, an act the Whitneys intend to stop. Not a good time for Jack to realize he has fallen helplessly, hopelessly in love with her. Jack will do anything to clear Carol, even as Molly helps to close the net around Carol and seeks to protect Jack from his own emotions.

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