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A History of the Churches at Seaham (Everything You Need To Know About The Twenty Four Churches Built At Seaham)

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Churches are, for some, central to their spiritual existence and an important part of their day-to-day life. To some people visiting churches is a hobby. To others, churches are places they wander into whilst on holiday to look around, to sit and meditate in the quiet and to absorb the tranquillity of the occasion. Often the visitor’s book is signed with comments such as beautiful, lovely or fascinating but do people really know anything about the building they have looked around? Do they know who built the church; why it was built; why it was erected in that location and at that time; what difficulties were encountered; where did the funding come from and what events or unique features set it apart from other churches? This book provides the answers to all of these questions about the twenty four churches, past and present, that were built in Seaham.

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