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The Prize

Length: 239 pages3 hours


Jack Malloy is haunted by memories, the dreams that have stolen his sleep for six months. To escape, he agrees to help his sister Nicky. Unfortunately there is no escape because he runs right into Rebecca Connor’s beautiful gray eyes. She’s featured in his nightmares, simply because of who she is.
Rebecca Connor is haunted by memories that have stolen her future. Her attraction to Jack Malloy unsettles her, since she’s sworn off men. But she keeps drawing closer and closer to him, and finds herself wondering what his hands would feel like on her body.
A blizzard traps them together, alone and uncomfortable. Together they find what being alive really means, to feel pleasure together, how to trust again, and how to love.
Together they must exorcise the demons of their past and build a new future, leaving behind who they were and embracing who they could be.

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