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The Tribute

Length: 242 pages2 hours


Brett Malloy never thought he quite fit in with his brothers and sister. A quiet man who thought much more than he spoke, Brett spent most of his life in his siblings’ shadows. After getting an unexpected new ranch, he spends his days with only ex-gunslinger and a runaway boy for company. When an unexpected injury lays him out, Doctor Alexandra Brighton arrives to treat him. Too bad she was his long lost love he’d long since given up on or he might be tempted to fall for her again.
Alex struggles with her feelings for Brett, a taciturn man who has always made her crazy. With her love for him reignited, she decides it’s up to her to teach him how to live, and find love and passion.
Brett wants to grab hold of Alex and hang on, but he can’t seem to step into the light and accept her love. When another man steps up to claim the woman who owns his heart, Brett must decide if life is only worth living with Alexandra by his side.

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