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21 Daily Habits for Healthy Women: Prevent Heart Attack, Lose Weight, and Regain Confidence

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This book is not about anything you don’t already know. It may be from a perspective that you have not heard before, because there are very few doctors writing these types of books.
Taming Your Life is about the ways you can’t remember to be. And especially, it is about setting yourself free from living life in a way you may not have consciously chosen.
My hope is that you may remember a little something about your own ‘best laid plans’ each time you read this book. I have carefully laid out the little nuggets of information to help you do that. I hope that you will begin taking a little more into yourself, until ‘living as if your skin fits’ becomes true again (or for the first time). None of us is immune to getting into a rut, but here is a way out. You are one of the rare people who are willing to take the next step up and out.
*Dr. Arcoma González Lambert, practiced as a licensed naturopathic doctor for almost ten years. She takes you by the hand and leads you through the process of changing little behaviors every day, in small achievable ways, which will affect the total outcome of your health. She answers the pertinent questions so that you feel confident making changes and assess the success of the changes.

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