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Soap Making: Amazing Guide for Making Deluxe, Pure Soaps for Absolute Beginners

Length: 69 pages30 minutes


Are you interested in making your own soap? If so, then this detailed book is perfect for you. 

Designed to educate the absolute beginner, this book will walk you through all aspects that a beginning soap maker needs to know such as:
1. Why you should make your own soap
2. Soap making equipment
3. Why choose glycerin over lye.

Additionally, we will also give you some amazing soap recipes to get you started on your soap making path. Soap making is a great past time. It will also be a much needed skill if the world suffers through an economic collapse. Making your own soap is convenient and fun for all ages! 
Homemade soap makes a great custom gift for holidays and special occasions! If you’ve ever thought about making soap, then you should definitely check out this book. 

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